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Section 1 - Choose Your Project

Please see how to apply for more details on this process including our terms and conditions.

A deposit of USD$295  is required at the time of application. The easiest way to pay is online using Credit card or PayPal but you also have the option of sending a check or making a bank transfer.

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Global Gap

You have selected the Global Gap program, a long-term volunteer program for students taking a gap year between high school and university. This program spans roughly one school year, according to the following agenda:

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Peru - General Care Projects
Starting: 04 September 2022
Finishing: 10 September 2022

Peru - Choice of Projects
Starting: 11 September 2022
Finishing: 17 September 2022

Peru - Rainforest Conservation
Starting: 18 September 2022
Finishing: 01 October 2022

Ecuador - Galapagos Island Conservation
Starting: 02 October 2022
Finishing: 15 October 2022

Ecuador - Choice of Projects
Starting: 16 October 2022
Finishing: 29 October 2022

Kenya - African Savannah Conservation
Starting: 06 November 2022
Finishing: 19 November 2022

Tanzania - Choice of Projects
Starting: 20 November 2022
Finishing: 03 December 2022

Tanzania - Microfinance
Starting: 04 December 2022
Finishing: 17 December 2022

Cambodia - General Care Projects
Starting: 08 January 2023
Finishing: 21 January 2023

Cambodia - Choice of Projects
Starting: 22 January 2023
Finishing: 28 January 2023

Cambodia - Public Health
Starting: 29 January 2023
Finishing: 11 February 2023

Nepal - General Teaching Projects
Starting: 12 February 2023
Finishing: 18 February 2023

Nepal - General Building Projects
Starting: 19 February 2023
Finishing: 04 March 2023

Nepal - Himalayan Mountain Conservation
Starting: 05 March 2023
Finishing: 18 March 2023

The price of this project is $21,000, although only a deposit of $295 is due today. We will ask for the remaining balance 3 months before the start date, or if you are applying closer to the start date, immediately upon acceptance.

Backpack University

You have selected the Backpack University programme. Select an option below to get started:

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